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About Spring & Wire Liquidators

About Spring & Wire Liquidators
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide customers with effective online marketplaces and integrated services of wires, springs and spring product’s surpluses and inventories.

We enable our broad clientele of individuals, companies, and specialty agencies to maximize  the  value  of  their  underutilized,  obsolete, and  surplus  industrial machinery, equipment, materials and inventories.

Company Philosophy & Background

Steel wires, springs, and spring products are a worldwide use commodity; “Spring Wire Liquidators” is a network that is specialized in that world and serves the needs of different aspects of different industries and clients.

We connect the buyer and seller and help them find the right access to inventories over the globe, high end products, and classified manufacturers in this field of specialty.

SWL emerged from our long experience and relations with multiple manufacturers.  These relations in the field of mechanical spring manufacturing throughout the United States have given us the competitive edge to provide products to end users for more than 50 years.

SWL is a one- stop-shop that offers marketing, outsourcing, buy, sell and find the exact need via a vast diversity of stocks and manufacturers of relevant merchandise and wide varieties of certified and non-certified raw materials and finished products.  SWL is a user friendly marketplace where buyers and sellers can source surplus inventory in an online marketplace at competitive prices. We also have the resources available to custom produce, or put you in touch with a manufacturer that can provide you products you don’t see in our catalog.

Key Members Of Our Team

Andrew Kattula


As the President, I lead sales and project management functions to make sure we build a sustainable and profitable business. There’s always a new challenge that builds your knowledge. Our clients and customers come from all industries and from every part of the world, so it’s also a unique opportunity to meet and work with different cultures.

Dušica Simovski

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO all financial transaction are processed and overseen throughout my department. I work closely with management and each customer to ensure quality, accuracy and efficiency in the marketplace.

Robert Kattula

Financial Consultant

Over 25 years of experience in financial solutions and recovery in a wide range of markets. I am dedicated to provide solutions and results that meet expectations and tackling new challenges as we grow and expand globally.

Wissam Daheen

Sales Representative

I execute direct and channel partner sales models for a leading online auction marketplace for wholesale, surplus and overstock assets in SWL across many industries.
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