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Our Services

Our mission is to provide customers with effective online marketplaces and integrated services of wires, springs and spring product’s surpluses and inventories. We enable our clients of individuals, companies, and agencies of specialty to maximize the value of their underutilized, obsolete, and surplus industrial machinery, equipment, materials, and inventories. Leveraging our comprehensive online services, marketplaces, and stock management solutions, we lead this kind of surplus and the knowhow how to get the right access to the right inventory and manufacturers to help our customers find their general and custom needs.

SWL is the right marketplace where professional buyers and sellers can source surplus and inventory in an online environment of conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used materials. Our consistent execution has enabled our service to become the trusted provider of choice with unparalleled expertise powered by our commitment to offer and provide an excellent customer service and on time delivery.

Industries Served

It is challenging to think of a single industry in our modern age that is not dependent upon springs in one way or another. For this reason, springs play a profoundly important role in modern society. Below are some industries where you can find springs products.

  • Automobiles (engines, doors, suspension system, slide roofs) 
  • Oil Field (rigs, jars, drilling equipment, oil tools)
  • Agriculture Industry (rotary blades and down pressure applications, sprayer equipment, and harrow tines for tillage equipment)
  • Construction Industry
  • Military (aircrafts, submarines, rocket launchers, artillery)
  • Aerospace (commercial airplanes as well as NASA)
  • Playground Recreation Equipment.
  • Railroad (locomotives, railway carriage, rails) 
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