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Raw Material and Finished Spring Products

SWL stock which is strategically located through its web network and on-site inventory has the trait of specialty of expanded range of varieties of wires, wire strips, and standard and custom spring products. These inventories are offered in two categories Raw Materials and Finished Products. SWL offers noticeable preferential prices than others can really do; our goal is to be the best price offeror of specialty in the marketplace.  Our existing and virtual warehouses include different varieties of metals of different gauges, types, shapes, weights and alloys which are used at spring production under total quality assurance. Seekers would find their needs of uncertified materials and products in our market as well.

Raw Material

For the manufacturers the choice of raw material can have a dramatic effect on ultimate performance in this field of industry, as much care is taken during the selection of raw material, as during the manufacturing process.

SWL maintain a comprehensive consistent quality and certified stock of wire materials to meet the needs of the industry for high quality and performance parts. Uncertified materials are also a category that falls under our interest and can help selling, buying, and bridging your surplus to the right end.

Strip Coils

We offer large inventories of stainless coil and worldwide manufacturing facilities. Spring & Wire Liquidators offers Stainless Steel Strip, Nickel Alloy Strip, Titanium Strip Coil, Cobalt Coil, Niobium Strip Coil, Nitinol Strip and Zirconium Coil

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Foil Alloys

Spring & Wire Liquidators can supply your company with foil alloys in a wide variety of materials.  Foil Alloys can be in such materials such as Stainless Steel, Nickel, Cobalt, Niobium, Zirconium, and Titanium

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Slit Coil

Slit coils and Stainless steel slit coil come with different alloys of different gauges and types are in our reach, we make it easier for you to catch your real need.

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Shaped Wire

Shaped Wire & Profile Wire of different cross-sectional dimensions, shapes and of physical properties using different types of alloys of stainless steel, nickel, titanium and exotic alloys are also there when you search for your need.

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Flat Wire

SWL supplies stainless steel and special metals flat wire for many demanding applications. We offer a wide range of finishes for PV Ribbon, saw blades, medical applications and plated products for a variety of industries.

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Fine Wire

Fine Wire, Ultra-Fine Wire and Braided Wire are available in round, flat and square wire with a choice of bare or precision plating options

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Sheet & Plate

We have the right access to metal sheets like Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate as well as Aluminum Sheets.

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Stainless SteelBar & Tube

Stainless steel bar in round, flat, square and hex. Additional alloys are available upon request.

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Finished Products

There are numerous types of spring and normal and custom spring product (which in turn will be used as the raw product in producing someone else’s finished product). Being involved in the supply of raw materials to different aspects and needs of industry and beneficiary respectively, SWL again is in possession of diversified physical and virtual inventories of such product and can help buy, sell, find and guide you to the right access and approach to your specific needs and requirements through that.

SWL inventory and surplus deal with the known spring’s products and custom ones as well, the following is a brief of what our stock may contain.

Compression Springs

Compression springs are commonly used and can be found in the automotive, consumer goods and aerospace industry, SWL virtual and stock inventories contain so many varieties with challenging prices.

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Extension Springs

Extension springs are best made for tension devices such as garage doors, automatic washing machines, balance scales and toys. Visit SWL website where your specific demand can be addressed.

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Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are more versatile than compression and extension springs.  They are commonly seen in ratchets, various machine components, window shades and clothespins.

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Wire Form Springs

SWL inventory will also include versatile shapes and sizes depending on your application needs.     

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Stamped Springs

Stampings can require slots, holes and distinctive bends much like wire form springs, you may have SWL take the lead and address your specific need through its web stock.

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Custom Springs

Our stock also comprises a wide range and variety of custom springs like: Music Wire, Oil Tempered, Stainless Steel, Chrome Vanadium, Phosphor Bronze and Brass.  SWL can also refer you to fabricate your precise specification through its extended knowledge of manufacturers which are having the leading edge technology in this kind of industry.

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Die Springs

SWL is the client’s source for a wide selection of quality die springs products. Once you locate the spring that meets your needs, SWL is at your disposal and ready to make the right contribution.

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